Monday, December 13, 2010

Union Gospel Mission

In a typical year Yvonne and I make annual gifts to numerous charities and because of the Living a Better Story project we decided to look for something different.

As the days passed we thought and prayed about what we should do with our $5.  We soon found that almost on a daily basis we read or heard about people or groups of people who were in need of help.  Trying to decide which one to choose became increasingly difficult.

This year we were having Thanksgiving at our home and we were expecting upwards of 25 people for dinner.  While in the process of planning the meal we saw an ad in the Pioneer Press that caught our attention.  It stated that a gift of only $19.20 would provide thanksgiving dinner for ten homeless people at the Union Gospel Mission.

The more we thought about it the more convinced we became that because we were so blessed to have to much for our dinner it made so much sense to give to those who had so little.  Our gift included enough to provide 50 meals and other care for those in need.

Our thanks to St. Paul's United Methodist Church and to those who had the vision and courage to offer this opportunity to make our Thanksgiving so special.

Bob and Yvonne M.

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