Sunday, December 12, 2010

Salvation Army

Dear Megan and Penny, you presented me with a 5 dollar bill and asked me to do something with it, other than dontate it back to the church.

After much thought and praying, I decided to donate it to the Salvation Army, who has a wonderful record of doing good with the majority of the money they receive. I also remembered that the bible said something about "10 fold" so I decided it would be more appropriate to donate a total of $50 which equals the "10 fold".

Here is how I did it. Dawn and I found an 80 year old Salvation Army bell ringer and I had Dawn take pictures of both of us after I explained what I was doing and why. Bless her soul! She kept ringing her bell even as I talked to her explaining how I got the $5 and why I was putting another $45 in the pot. She even told us why she was ringing the bell, and that she was a mother with 12 children (6 girls and 6 boys). Her husband passed away 6 years ago. I realize the pictures really aren't necessary to prove that I tried to do something good with the money, but here they are anyway.

Love, Chuck E.

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