Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Celebration Update

This past Sunday, following worship, many of us joined together in the fellowship room for peanut butter sandwiches (with ALL the fixins), cake, and a chance to share our "Living A Better Story" experiences.  I thought for sure our small turn-out, due to the snow storm, would keep people from staying and telling their stories...  But NO!  People were jumping at the chance to tell where God led them with their $5!

Let's see, here's some summaries of the cool things we heard people did with their $5:

Kristi A. bought wool socks for a homeless man - and was happy to hear him tell her the next day, "My feet stayed warm all day!"

Jo B. was buying mittens for her 'bell-ringing' granddaughter and in the process saw another bell ringer without warm gloves - so bought her some, too!  She was so excited, she wanted to know why Jo did such a nice thing and when Jo told her, the woman asked what church Jo was from!

Janet C. bought a bag of groceries for Neighbor's Inc - a hungry family will have a nice meal thanks to that purchase!

Carol R. bought a 95 year-old grocery bagger, at the store, lunch!

Corrine S. gave the money to a young girl (the granddaughter of a friend's care-giver) to buy her grandma a Christmas present!

Jeanette W. and her daughter, Maggi, decided to give theirs to Jeanette's office "Adopt a Family" project.  When Maggi gave money to the project, other office workers were inspired by her generosity and gave more!  The family they adopted would have a wonderful Christmas!

These are a few stories... and some of the ones already on the blog were told to the group as well.  What a wonderful sharing of so many acts of generosity - many of which included the story of why we were doing such things...  That we were inspired by our church and the love of God.

This week, we're going to take some time during the fellowship hour to tell more stories!  So if you missed last week, please plan to stay and hear more tales of inspiration and generosity!

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