Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just a Thought

I was in a meeting last week, and many of us were mentioning this "Living A Better Story" project.  Some mentioned what they had done with their money, others talked about how this little bit of money - a whole $5 - has reeked havoc in their life.  How they're treating it like it's $5000!

During the coarse of conversation, one of the people talked about a chat they had last week with a Salvation Army bell ringer.  He had asked her how it was going this year and she responded with more than a little disappointment.

She said that people were often very nice as they walk in and out of the store.  They often say "Hi" or "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" but very few put any money in her kettle.  She said that in discussing this with other bell ringers, everyone is seeming to have the same luck. 

As I listened to this story...  I thought, "I haven't put anything in yet this year, either!"  I'm usually pretty good about always putting something in.  The thing is..  I don't carry cash much anymore...  So I usually don't have anything to put in the kettle.  So I'm one of the people dashing our bell ringers' hopes!

I found some cash in a jar at home.  I put it in my purse.  The next time I pass a bell ringer, I'm going to put money in the pot.  And if I'm somewhere where I can buy them a cup of hot coca and say "thank you" - I will.  Somebody did that for me once when I used to ring the bell.

Have you noticed a person or a place that could use a little extra encouragement?  A little extra Christmas cheer?  What can you do to help this week?

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