Thursday, December 23, 2010


"Mary's world was surely as turbulent as ours, and the future must have looked grim and foreboding.  And yet she brings this total offering of herself to God and to whatever God has in store for her.  She is a model for our time of one who demonstrated complete trust in God when the world around her seemed to be gripped by fear and uncertainty.  Perhaps she found this deep trust in God because she practiced walking in God's presence everyday.  Can we remind each other that we too walk in God's presence every day?"
--Reuben P. Job, "When You Pray"

Mary reminds us what it means to trust in God with our whole self - our whole life. 

We're not alone - we walk this journey together!

So as Christmas comes close... let us celebrate together!  Let us trust in the greatest gift of all - that God loves us and is with us.

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