Monday, December 6, 2010

Heifer International

"After praying and meditating on what to do with the $5, I was drawn to the idea that it should be something life changing. But how could just $5 be used as a life changing gift? It was shortly after that I saw the gift catalogs from Heifer International and World Vision. I thought maybe this is where the money should go, but maybe not. $5 won't buy even a chicken or a rabbit. So I prayed and thought some more without feeling any direction on how to use the $5. Then on Sunday December 5th the answer came as I was reading the church bulletin. Mike and Megan Adams were having an open house and the invitation stated: "No need to bring hostess gifts or goodies to share. Instead, please consider bringing a small donation for Heifer International." The pooling of funds just might get a chicken or a rabbit or maybe even a goat!"

Barb J.

Barb - I have your $5 set aside with a note: "Towards Barb's goat!"  Thanks so much for chipping in!  We'll be sure to update everyone on what we were able to purchase for Heifer International.

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