Friday, December 10, 2010


Just a reminder - this Sunday we will be celebrating all the amazing stories that have come from the "Living  A Better Story" experiment! 

Have you used your $5?  Come and share your story!  Incredible stories AND simple stories are welcome!  We want to hear ALL the ways God's money is reaching out in the world!

Haven't used your $5 yet?  Come anyway!  Hear what others have done - it might spark some ideas for you!  (I know I've had a couple of things sparked from some of the stories all ready told...)

I keep telling you I haven't used mine yet - well, I finally decided what I'm doing, and I'll be doing it this weekend!  But you'll have to come to the party to hear what I did...

And remember - we're going to continue sharing stories through January (or whenever you do use your $5) - so don't give up!

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