Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gifts of Grace

"We long for a world where righteousness is at home. 

It is a world envisioned by the prophets and saints of every age.  It is a vision that is reflected in Mary's song and is still the prayer on the lips of the faithful everywhere.  We yearn for a world where justice, fairness, equality, goodness, integrity, and well-doing are modeled in industry, government, school, home, and individual life.  Deep in our hearts we know that it is a way of living that will result in a deep sense of well-being and peace for everyone. 

However, much as we would like to, most of us do not have the wisdom or the power to transform the world.  But we do have the wisdom and power to permit God to transform us.  In our lives, and now and then in the world where we live, righteousness will be at home. 

You and I can become those persons who carry these gifts of grace to the world."
--Reuben P. Job, from When You Pray

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