Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Neighborly Outreach

"Well, this was a unique opportunity. One should always think of our money as God's but this put an interesting spin on the challenge and the fun because it was specifically designated as such! In my first few days of prayer, I discerned that my growth of that money was towards that of God's kingdom during this special time in the calendar year, close to Christmas. This is the season when I focus on God and often - children.

I had heard of a new Christian value store opening in Knollwood Mall (and linked that with a 1 yr old in our neighborhood that I met at our summer picnic potluck.) I finally was in that vicinity and visited that store. Another serendipity was the fact that everything in the store was ........ $5!!! I found a nice but subtle child's prayer book about tucking in all of God's animals for the night that I thought any child would enjoy. Yesterday, I wrapped up that book, added a card that expressed my thoughts of God and children at Christmas, included a SPUMC 'business card', and delivered it to a neighbors' house. It didn't appear that they were home and I was also a bit excited that they would simply find the gift as a surprise, again 'soft-pedaling' the delivery and meaning to provide a more comfortable reception for them as I don't know if they have a church home so I thought this could be a good way to plant an idea with my prayers included.

Now, the fun part! Wait to see what God can do with our gift - with a reminder that we may be the last to know or may never know. However, I feel good to know that I have reached out on God's behalf to someone who may need to know him and honored to have been a possible vessel of the true gift of Christmas!"

Andrea L.

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