Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Letter

"I struggled mightily with this simple project! There have, of course, been endless opportunities to give to wonderful causes. But in the last couple weeks I realized I have been trying too hard to find THE PERFECT opportunity - something that would allow my $5 to grow feed many hungry families, change the life of a sick child or maybe even save the world. I had to stop the grandiose thinking. Then a week ago, I woke to God's message to me.

My story began a year ago when a good friend died, leaving an adult daughter. I had spent six years of my life with this daughter and her father, and came into their lives when the daughter was only 3 years old. When my friend found out about his cancer a year and a half ago, we met at a restaurant where we talked openly about his illness and decided we wanted to get together again, and this time include our children who had grown up together. Although I had seen the daughter several times over the years, it had been at least 5 years since the last time. So we tried to find a date that would work for the reunion with our children, but couldn't get it to happen before my friend died. After his death, I began putting together an album of the photos I had taken from "back in the day", and have been adding to it here and there. I saw the daughter at the funeral of course and we committed to getting together, but she hasn't responded to communication attempts. I let it go for almost a year now, but this photo album has been sitting in a drawer, and recently began calling to me. As I've been praying about the $5, this daughter and the album have continued to be present in my thoughts more and more in the past few weeks. One morning I woke up to a clear message - "Write a letter and send the photo album to her before Christmas." I wrote a letter to this woman who has meant so much to me. I marched over to PostNet with my $5 and mailed it off. I hope I will hear from her, but if I don't, it doesn't matter. I've told her what a gift she was to me and always will be."

Nancy S.

Thanks, Nancy!  It just goes to show - not all of our God prompts will lead us to strangers...  Some of us have people in our own lives that could use a reminder that they are loved!

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