Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday at SPUMC - Dec. 27th, 2009

Church today was very quiet and very few people... But so nice to be there. After all of the celebrations, food, parties, gifts, and festivities, to return to where the celebration began. To be reminded one last time of the true reason for the season. To once again wish our faithful friends a "Merry Christmas."

I always have a hard time realizing Christmas is over... You build up to it for so long, that when the last gift is unwrapped, the last morsel of leftovers consumed, and the naps begin... It makes me sad...

Although... We will be leaving out Christmas decorations up for a week past New Year's this year for a small dinner party... And I guarantee that I will be listening to Christmas music for a little bit longer... I need to ease out of the Holiday mindset!

I hope you're enjoying this Sabbath day of rest. Re-couping from the festivities and reflecting on the joy and blessings! I know I am!

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