Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Keep Watching!

Due to the weather forecast... Please keep checking on our church website, our Facebook site, here, the news, or calling in to the church voicemail... Whether we have Christmas Eve service, or not, will be determined by noon tomorrow.

"Jesus came into this world
one glorious Christmas Eve.
He came to live right here on earth
to help us all believe.
For God up in His heaven
knew His children all would feel
That if Jesus lived among them
they would know that He was real
And not a far-off stranger
who dwelt up in the sky
And knew neither joys nor sorrows
that make us laugh or cry.
And so He walked among us
and taught us how to love
And promised us that someday
we would dwell with Him above.
And while we cannot see Him
as they did, face-to-face,
We know that He is everywhere,
and not in some far-off place."
--Helen Steiner Rice

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