Thursday, December 31, 2009

Summary of Simplicity

We've been journeying through the Spiritual Habits of Faith for the last couple of months. We started in November, talking about what it meant for us to be Generous and Thankful in all areas of our lives. We enjoyed discussion and visual reminders of all the things we have in our lives that make us thankful - and that enabled us to be generous. Both, attributes that God calls us to.

In December, we turned to the habit of Simplicity. In the busy, craziness of the holidays and all that they entail (shopping, cleaning, baking, parties, wrapping gifts, family dynamics, church activities, school programs, etc)... It's hard to remember to find that holy space in our calendar to remember that Jesus is why we celebrate. We've taken the time this month to talk about carving a few minutes out of each day for time with God, we've talked about spending less and giving more time and meaning in our gifts, we've talked about giving away to charities, we've talked about the importance of church services, of family devotional time, of getting rid of the extra "stuff" in our lives... So many ideas to simplify our hectic lives - and focus on what's most important - God and family.

I invite you, as we begin a new year and a new habit, to continue working on Thankfulness, Generosity, and Simplicity in your life... God calls us to these things - not as added stresses, but as ways to find peace and happiness in our lives, through Him.

Happy New Year!

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