Saturday, December 5, 2009

Serving Others

"The capacity for caring illuminates any relationship. The more people you care about, and the more intensely you care, the more alive you are."

On Sunday, we talked about the "overlooked" family members in the Christmas story... But what about the "overlooked" in today's story? Who are the people you pass by everyday - unnoticed, unseen, and unheard?
Is it the homeless man at the door to the grocery store? Is it the lady cleaning the bathrooms at the airport? Is it a family member that is struggling with life? Is it an old friend that has gone a different direction... and has become lost?

When I think of the overlooked in my own life, I wonder what I could be doing this holiday season to make sure they know they are loved - by me, but more importantly, by God.

What ideas do you have? What is one simple thing we can do to reach the overlooked with love and compassion this Christmas season?

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