Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last Minute Simple Gifts

It's the week of Christmas! Here's a few last "simply giving" ideas!

*Watch the words you use - be kind.
*Let the little things slide.
*Get away - even if it's only for a few moments a day.
*Give people what they want, not what you want for them...
*Tell friends about your favorite books, movies, music!
*Surprise your spouse with a tank full of gas!
*Tell a parent they're doing a good job.
*Be present when you're with someone - put the phone or the blackberry away...
*Make a meal for someone else.
*Give a goat. Go to Heifer International's website and donate animals and crops to villages who need them!
*Be the house where everyone feels welcome!
*Pick up the tab for a stranger...
*Take a day off - and spend it with the family.
*Send a "thank you" to someone who impacted your life.
*Visit a shut-in.
*Donate toys to Christmas Angel programs or to Neighbor's Inc.
*Tell people you love them.
*Read the nametag - and use people's names.
*Park in the back - and leave close spaces open for those who need them!
*No gift is too small - give what you can!
*Donate old cell phones, eyeglasses, ink cartridges, computers, etc to organizations that reuse them!

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