Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Simply Giving

Here's some more ways to give simply to others this Holiday Season!

*Give yourself the gift of silence...
*Read the Christmas story again.
*Come to the aid of someone different from you!
*Let your heart lead.
*Collect lose change around the house - and give it to the Salvation Army kettles!
*Care for the sick.
*Be patient - especially with annoying relatives.
*Take your grocery cart - and maybe another - back.
*Pick up trash and litter.
*Make a handmade gift.
*Share family memories.
*Hug a grinch!
*Invite a friend to church.
*Leave a voicemail to brighten someone's day.
*Start a savings account specifically for giving!
*Give a "favor" coupon.
*Read a book to a child.
*Turn off all your electronics for a night - cell phones, tv, computer, video games.
*Cross one item (the biggest) off your Christmas wish list... Do you really need it?
*Bake an extra dozen - and give them away!
*Offer to baby-sit.
*Play in the snow!
*Take your lunch to school or work - and give away the money you save.
*Reconnect with old friends.
*Give a special photograph to someone you love.
*Go caroling (the church is going Dec. 17th!).

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