Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Well, you never know in what ways God may decide to use you... And in our theme of simplicity - what could be better than knowing God used a frustrating afternoon to provide for someone in need of prayer? The most simple gift to give....

Tuesday afternoon as the snow was falling and I was trying to get things lined up so I could leave early for the day... The phone rang. I debated answering it - knowing I didn't want to get even more bogged down with more tasks... But I did.

And on the other end was a woman from a homeless shelter - simply asking for prayer. She told me a story of great love, struggle, depression, and a frustrating situation with her husband... All she wanted was prayers for peace, healing, and help in this difficult time - and she fully believed that the more people praying, the better things would get.

I listened to her story and I prayed with her - and told her to call back anytime.

When I hung up, I realized that all the frustrations on this afternoon were meant to be. She needed a friendly voice, willing to pray out loud with her - and I was here to be that person.

God works in mysterious ways... But what a blessing to see those ways at work!

By the way... Can you keep her in your prayers? Her name starts with an R (I don't want to compromise her privacy). Thank you - she would be delighted to know you're praying!


  1. I just said a prayer. Dad

  2. Saying a prayer for R and for you Megan!

  3. There is pain in the world, and I am glad you are there to help relieve it, Megan. I pray for R and for you.