Saturday, December 26, 2009

Drowning in Stuff

"I wonder what Jesus' entourage looked like as he traveled around Israel. There were at least 13 men and several women in the regular group, plus those who followed along for part of the time. Sometimes there were even large crowds traveling with them (Mark 6:30-44). How did they pack and who carried all their stuff? They were not wealthy, though we know that the women mentioned by name in the rest of Luke 8:2 supported Jesus and his disciples, so they weren't destitute either. Were they each allotted one suitcase and a carry-on?

Humor aside, we need to note that Jesus never let anything detract from his focus of preaching the good news to the kingdom of God. He trusted God to provide, allowing material possessions to serve him and his disciples rather than the other way around.

The question for each of us is, which of the possessions and activities in our lives are keeping us from following Jesus fully?"

As the holiday season draws to a close - do you have enough? And if so, is there some you can donate? Are there things keeping you from focusing on God?

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