Tuesday, February 16, 2010


What is your favorite setting to pray in?

In a sanctuary?
In a pew?
At a kneeling rail?
In the forest?
On a lake?
In bed?
In the shower?
In the car?
In your office?
At the dining room table?
In a coffee house?

John Ortberg talks about his prayer setting like this, "Somehow I grew up with the idea that you ought to have a 'prayer closet,' and a closet is not often a setting of great beauty.  So I have learned over the years the importance of finding a place that supports my attempts at prayer.  At home, I have a window that I will sit in front of becase of the view it offers.  I will sometimes draw up another chair to remind me that prayer is not simply me thinking thoughts on my own, that Jesus really is present.  During times of longer prayer I will often try to go outside to a lake or (if I'm lucky) to the ocean.  Sometimes, I'll simply light a candle, which reminds me of the frequent teaching of Scripture that the light of God's presence and wisdom is available to guide me."

"Over time, a space that is used again and again for prayer becomes sacred.  Just as couples often have favorite restaurants or friends have one particular booth at a restaurant where they always gather, having one place where you have met God in prayer over the years becomes a gift to your soul."

Where is your spot?  Where will you create a prayer setting?  What will make it special?

I have it easy.  I work at the church.  I can go in the sanctuary any day...  when no one is here...  It's a huge gift to have that easy access.  But, when I'm home, my spot is on the couch in my living room.  A blanket over my legs, a fire in the fireplace (it's gas - just flip a switch!), some hot tea, my dog cuddled next to me, my Bible handy and maybe a prayer book like "When You Pray."  This is time for me to read, pray, and relax.  It is truly a moment of peace...

So where is your spot?


  1. Definitely at, on, in, near a lake.

  2. My absolute favorite is on my couch..my head back on the cushions..eyes open looking up.. such serenity...until the dog jumps in my lap!