Monday, February 22, 2010

A Prayer for Patience

"Father, God, I begin this new day and this new week seeking your help.
When I lack energy, give me your spirit.
When I lack discipline, give me your love.
When I lack time, give me your patience.
I have much to do, God.
Smile on my tasks.

(Name urgent items on your to-do list.)

Help me to please all those I need to please.
...or at least help them be patient with me.
Let the patience and forgiveness I receive from others
equal the patience I extend to them.
The world around me seems to be spinning out of control.
I am worried about _____________________________ (think of places or people in the news).
Be with us, Lord.
I go through this life as best I can
and sometimes it's just barely enough.
Other times I fall seriously short of the mark.
Walk with me.
Make me aware of your presence this week.
I will give you the glory.
--Book of Uncommon Prayer

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