Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rule of Prayer

A "rule" of prayer?!  Sounds icky!

But wait a moment...  Maybe it's not so bad...

All it means, is setting aside a regular time each day to pray and finding a prayer structure that works for you.  Seems simple. 

When we practice a "rule of prayer," prayer gradually becomes a holy habit, something we do that is not dependent on feelings or moods or our ability to articulate well.  It becomes central to our lives and strengthens our connections to God.

Everybody's rule of prayer will be different - for some, praying at 5am everyday works amazingly well.  For others, before bed is perfect.  For some, it's finding that moment of peace in the middle of the day.  It can be reciting a prewritten or ancient prayer (like the Lord's Prayer), or it can be talking in conversation each day.  It can be written in a journal, said out loud, or simply thought in silence...  Whatever works for you to spend a few moments each day with God.

We all have times when we don't particularly feel like praying or don't know how to pray...  Sometimes having a written prayer handy can keep our thoughts from wandering and racing - and shift our focus back to God. 

"By sticking to our schedule and structure, we remind our spirits of God's grace and love, even when that grace and love seem far away."

So will you give it a try?  Experiment with what time of day works best for you?  I'd be curious to know what you came up with!

"When prayer fades, power fades out.  We are as spiritual as we are prayerful; no more, no less."
--E. Stanley Jones

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