Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday at SPUMC - Feb. 28, 2010

A beautiful morning!  Blue skies, sunshine, birds singing - a great day to praise God!

Our Education Hour was bustling:
* The Children continued to work on their "About Me" posters that will be hung in the Fellowship Room soon!  Be on the look out to learn more about these amazing kids!
* The Confirmation class met with their Parents and Pastor Penny to watch the NOOMA video, "Breathe."  Talking about what it means to be standing on "holy ground," and the choices we make everyday that bring us closer to - or distract us from - God.
*  Wired Word talked about the prevalence of anger in our world today - especially in news stories.  What is our Christian response to our own anger - and to the anger in the world?
* Tom and Mari's class talked about the Christian author, Parker Palmer.  An overview of his background and books, with some interesting discussion based on some of his quotes.

In worship, we wrapped up our Month of Prayer.  We gave the children one more easy prayer - using their hands!  (Your thumb reminds you to pray for those closest to you; your pointer finger for those who point you in the right direction; your tallest finger for leaders; your weakest finger for the weak, sick, and sad among us; and the pinky finger for yourself!)  Pastor Penny continued on this theme in her sermon, reminding us to pray for Our World, It's People and Leaders; The Church and It's Leaders; Those in Our Circle of Responsibility; and Ourselves.  We took moments to pray for all of these things during the sermon time.

As we end our focus on Prayer - we ask you to continue to seek new ways to strengthen your own prayer time!  If you'd like help or resources, don't hesitate to ask! 

Next week we begin the Month of Fasting!  Uh-oh.  Sounds crazy!  Come to worship to hear "Why On Earth Do We Fast?!"

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