Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Prayer of Joy

"God, there is something about Saturday I love.
With childlike innocence I love this day.
Even if I'm working.
Even if I'm stuck doing something I'd rather not do.
I love this day.
My body and mind may have ideas for my time
but my heart wants to watch cartoons and eat sugarcoated cereal with ice-cold milk.
Thank you for all the wonderful things I never think to thank you for.
Thank you for children.
Thank you for cartoons.
Thank you for sugar, cereal, and ice-cold milk.
Thank you for ___________________________________.

God, waking up on a Saturday morning is like
waking up to a warm hug.
If I sweat this day in my backyard, I will thank you for the rain.
If I strain through this day shoveling snow, I will thank you for the sunshine.
My days on this earth are few compared to the eternity I want to spend with you, God.
May heaven be one long Saturday.
--The Book of Uncommon Prayer

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