Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Prayer for Faithfulness

"I will not question you, God.
I will go where you send me.
I will deal with all that comes my way.
I will open my heart to you and
believe that all things will work out
for my good
because I love you.
I will listen to the Scriptures.
I will learn from them.
I will pray and know I am heard.
You, Lord, are not my destination on this journey.
Because you are beside me while I walk.
You, Lord, are the journey itself.

"I am a servant of the Creator of the universe.
I will not be bogged down by ________________________ (name things that are keeping you from focusing on your work for God).
God will lift my spirit.
I will not be dragged into the muck and the mire.
I am a servant of God.
--Book of Uncommon Prayer

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