Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday at SPUMC - Feb. 14, 2010

We CAN Pray!  Today we found a few more ways of praying... and of throwing off the excuses NOT to pray!  While it was small attendance... it was a fun and energetic service (with a lot of people wearng red)!  We missed those of you who were ill and on vacation!

The Education Hour kicked things off with:
*  The Children talked about asking God for help when they want to help their friends in need.
*  There was no confirmation due to a 5-day weekend!
*  Wired Word discussed the Baptist Missionaries that were thrown into a Haitian prison for trying to help children out of the country after the earthquake.  The main question discussed when are we helping with God's intentions - and when are we operating on our own intentions?  How do we seek God's will in the ways we help others?

Worship continued to be focused on prayer - today was the "XYZs" of Prayer.  Pastor Penny talked about using things we do everyday as part of our prayer life.  If you're on the computer much of the day, why not have prayer prompts and devotionals sent to your email?  It only takes a few moments to read through them, and pray...  She also talked about our upcoming 24 Hour Prayer Vigil and the importance of being a praying community - this is how we are called to live as Christians and this is how we seek God's heart.  What a wonderful way to start the season of Lent - with 20 minutes (or more) of quiet time to reflect on the things we should "put down" and what it is that we could "pick up" to help us grow closer to God....

Here's a couple of web sites that send devotions to your email everyday:
Luther Seminary's "God Pause"
The Upper Room's Daily Devotionals

Also, we still have spots available for the 24 Hour Prayer Vigil!  If you're interested in signing-up to take part (either at the church, or from home) - please contact me ASAP!

Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day!

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