Thursday, June 10, 2010


"God's trajectory is to bless the earth through his people.  And to show them exactly what he has in mind, he comes to earth as one who serves (Luke 22:27).  Jesus is God with us.  And he calls us to serve (Matthew 22:37-39)..."

"...The Christian Discipline of service is the way the world discovers the love of God.  We are the way God blesses the earth..."

"...God intends to bless the nations through us and our lives of service.  Christians are the very presence of God to others.  We become God's vehicle of blessings on planet earth."
--Adele Calhoun, "Spiritual Disciplines Handbook"

So what are you waiting for?  Get busy!

If we are the only blessing someone might perceive as the presence of God...  Doesn't that give us a reason to share God's love with everyone we meet? 

When I think of how my life has become richer, fuller, and more beautiful with God's constant presence - I want to share that.  And maybe...  just maybe...  the simplest acts will convince another person that there is some good in the world, and encourage them to look further and deeper for where that good comes from...

Open the door for someone - with a smile.
Offer to pray for someone.
Buy someone a meal.
Help carry groceries.

It's a blessing.  An open door into the workings of God in the world.  A picture of the kingdom here and now - of serving one another...

Something small.  We can do this.

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