Thursday, June 17, 2010


"True service builds community. It quietly and unpretentiously goes about caring for the needs of others. It draws, binds, heals, and builds...

"At first thought it would seem that hidden service is only for the sake of the person served. Such is not the case. Hidden, anonymous ministries affect even people who know nothing of them. They sense a deeper love and compassion among people though they cannot account for the feeling. If a secret service is done on their behalf, they are inspired to deeper devotion, for they know that the well of service is far deeper than they can see. It is a ministry that can be engaged in frequently by all people. It sends small ripples of joy and celebration through any community of people."
--Richard Foster, "Celebration of Discipline"

What would happen if we became better at serving each other - even within the church?  It "draws, binds, heals, and builds..."

Even as a church, we are all human.  We see differences, disagreements, annoyances...  What if we tried to serve one another more - especially using yesterday's ideas about relationships?  Can you imagine the strength of a church that puts differences aside and truly seeks to serve each other AND the community and world?!

Read the book of Acts.  The early church was all about working together, pooling their resources, caring for each other, sharing, loving, etc.  And I'm pretty sure all wasn't perfect.  It never is in any group of people...  But what a goal to strive for!

What's one way you could serve someone from your church community this week?  Maybe someone you are different from... someone you've had disagreements with...  someone you just don't know well yet...  What is one way you can begin the process of "drawing, binding, healing, and building" in your church this week?

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