Wednesday, June 9, 2010


"Love your neighbors as yourself."

Do you love yourself? Really love yourself?

I sometimes wonder if I truly love myself...  If I did, wouldn't I eat better?  Exercise more?  Find quiet time more frequently to rest my body, mind, and spirit?  Wouldn't I think nice thoughts about myself - instead of constantly doubting and putting myself down?

If that's the way I "love" myself...  No wonder I'm not the best at serving and loving others!

Assignment for today:
Stand in front of a mirror.  Find the things you truly do love about yourself.  Say them out loud. Write them down.  Whatever you have to do to make yourself heard.  Do this everyday for awhile...  As the negative thoughts try to sneak back in - fight them off with love and forgiveness and grace - for yourself.  Pray for God's help in this process of learning to love yourself - learning to love the person that God made - and already does love.

The sooner we can really accept and love ourselves, the sooner we can be more loving to those around us!

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