Friday, June 4, 2010


"True service springs from a heart of compassion and humility, a heart like Jesus'.  Jesus did not direct his compassion only to individuals caught up in tragic circumstances beyond their control.  If we are seeking to be his disciples, we will be open to serving anyone who has a need - even those we think have created their own personal crises."
--Valerie Hess, "Habits of a Child's Heart"

Wow.  I felt that one right at the gut level - did you?

If we are truely seeking to be like Jesus - we would help ANYone...  Not just who we think is worthy of our time and effort...  But anyone in need.

How many times have you heard conversations about situations in the news, and people just say, "well that's their own fault."  They moved to that neighborhood.  They went for a walk late at night on their own.  They chose to live in the flood zone.  Blah blah blah.

Ok.  So what if someone did make a poor decision - or just a decision different than we would've made?  Does that mean they don't deserve help when they need it?

This is a time when the phrase "What Would Jesus Do?" could make a real impact and change our own reactions...

Service = having a heart like Jesus.

Something to think about the next time we find ourselves judging another's situation....


  1. I think everyONE needs to take this to heart.. lots of judging does happen... I encounter lots of judging because of the field I work in and my response is "until you can walk a mile in their shoes..."

    PS: I like the new blog design!

  2. Yes! Hooray! Case in point: Emma Norton Services! We help and support them, even though many of the women stuck in those bad situations got there because of a series of bad decisions. They are still children of God.