Wednesday, June 2, 2010


"Many of us view service as an occasional commitment that comprises a small part of our day or week or month, but [in Colossians 3:22-24] Paul tells us to view every task as service not only to those around us, but to the Lord...

"This week try to put Paul's words into action.  Put yourself wholeheartedly into every task...  Whenever possible, look for additional ways to serve or to lighten another's burden.  If you can perform your service without notice, all the better."
--Richard Foster, "A Year With God"

If we were to look at every task as a form of service...  we would be serving all day long?!  What have you done today - as an ordinary part of your day - that you can now see with new eyes as a form of "service"?

Praying.  Loaning a pencil to a friend.  Giving a hug.  Opening a door.  Smiling at a stranger.  Listening.  Asking about someone's day.  Offering a hand.  Picking up a piece of trash.  Being positive.

Just a few I've done today... that I wouldn't have thought of as "service" until now...

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