Tuesday, June 1, 2010


After spending the month of May talking about the Spiritual Habit of Guidance… I ask you… Are you feeling guided? Are you taking the time to listen and notice where God is leading you in your day to day life? Is the Guidance of the Holy Spirit inviting you to look at the world around you in new ways? Inviting you to get involved in God’s world in ways that share the love of God with others?

As we move into the month of June, we are moving into a month of Service. A month of looking outside of ourselves and embracing the commandment to “love others as yourself.” A month of truly seeing the needs of the world around us, and doing something about it.

“The Christian Discipline of service is the way the world discovers the love of God. We are the way God blesses the earth.”

“We will never really serve others unless we see that the needs of our neighbors are as real and important as our own… Service is rooted in seeing—in seeing others as God does.”

“True service ministers simply and faithfully because there is a need… True service is a life-style. It acts from ingrained patterns of living. It springs spontaneously to meet human need.”

“More than any other single way, the grace of humility is worked into our lives through the Discipline of Service.”

“When Jesus said the last shall be first, and the least shall be great, and the slave the greatest of all, he wasn’t giving orders. He was simply describing the truth about God’s kind of community and how different it looks from the way things generally work in our world.”

Be ready to jump in and find new ways to serve! Be ready to tell us about the wonderful ways you DO serve! Be ready to share what serving has changed in you… Be ready to discover the Holy Spirit moving through each one of us and this community!

We Serve because we are Thankful; We Serve because God calls us to be Generous;
We Serve God and others in the Simplicity of daily life; We Serve God in Worship;
We Serve through Prayer and Fasting for the hurts of the world;
We Serve God when we Celebrate the lives of others; and We Serve God and others when we allow ourselves to be humbled and Guided by the Holy Spirit into a life of Service.

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