Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday at SPUMC - Mar. 7, 2010

A gloomy day outside - but lots of joy and celebration inside!  This Sunday we began our conversation about Fasting...  And we celebrated Mel and Sandy's continued service as our Financial Secretaries - for DECADES!  The blessings they have bestowed on this congregation through their gift of service is immeasurable!  We thank them from the bottom of our hearts as they retire from this position... 

During the Education Hour:
* The Children talked about finding ways to put Jesus first in their lives.
* The Cofirmands didn't meet - since they came in Thursday night to experience the quiet and holy space of Open Sanctuary.
* Wired Word talked about 2 recent celebrity suicides and the fact that in America suicide has a higher death rate than homicide...  Where do our Christian values fit into this discussion, and what does the Bible say about the meaning of life?
* Tom and Mari's group about "Christian Thinkers" focused on CS Lewis today.

Worship was uplifting and fun as we began the conversation about Fasting!  Jill did a fantastic job explaining the basic concept using a jar of M&Ms and a golf ball - an explanation that made ALL of us understand a little clearer!  And the conversation continued into the sermon time.  We were able to see past the idea of only fasting food - and of making ourselves miserable and weak in the process!  We shouted out ideas of the other things in our lives that distract us from the important things in life - all of which could be an example of something to be fasted.  We began to see that fasting can be done with joy, humbleness, and intention on seeking out God's presence in our lives.

As the month continues, I invite you to continue asking questions and talking to others about their thoughts and experiences with fasting.  I've already heard some amazing stories of how some people in our own congregation have been affected by participating in a fast!

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