Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday at SPUMC - Mar. 14, 2010

A Spudtastic day to be at St. Paul's Church!

We began the day with our Education classes talking about various topics:
* The children talked about Jesus cleansing the temple, and were reminded that our sanctuary is a holy space.
* The Confirmands talked about communion - what it means and why we celebrate it.  They were reminded of the sacrifice Jesus made for each of us, and that communion reminds us of whose we are.
* Wired Word talked about the new credit card laws - our values and decisions in borrowing money and where our Christian values and Captialism collide or overlap....
* And Tom and Mari's group focused on the Christian Writer and Thinker, Thomas Merton.

Our worship was led by Dan Foster, a life-long Methodist and student at Luther Seminary.  He continued the discussion about Fasting, reminding us that we do it to remember the suffering that Jesus did for us.  He reminded us of the healing that can happen in our own lives, when we take the time to focus on God's love and sacrifice for us.  (And Peter shared a beautiful solo performance of "The Love He Gave"!)

After worship, the Mission Trip Team hosted "Spud Sunday" - a baked potato bar fundraiser.  It's always fun to walk into the Fellowship room, decorated with colorful tablecloths and Mr Potato Heads everywhere!  We ate, talked, and laughed!  Thanks to all of you who took time out of your day for this fun event, the Mission Trip Team was able to raise $400!  Thank you so much!

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