Wednesday, March 3, 2010


"The discipline of fasting is meant to be one of joy and freedom. The basic definition of fasting for a Christian is 'saying no to otherwise normal activities for the sake of intense spiritual focus...

"...Fasting is traditionally associated with food, but it isn't limited to food. Fasting can be a time of denial of anything that allows us to avoid God, such as exercise, novels, TV, entertainment, shopping and conversation. In and of themselves, none of these things are bad, but when they get in the way of our worship and prayer life or keep us from serving others, then we need time of doing without them in our lives so that we can reevaluate our priorities."
--Spiritual Disciplines Devotional, by Valerie Hess

So... fasting starts with examining our lives.  What in our life, distracts us from what is really important?  From time with God?  From time with our families and friends?  From a healthy and whole lifestyle?

What are the things in your life that hold you back from a deeper and more fulfilling faith and family life?

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