Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fasting Gives Us Freedom

"Fasting gives us the freedom to feast.  If we consume food and possessions and entertainment abundantly each day, we lose the capacity to celebrate.  When we fast, we are better able to experience the great joy of feasting.  And feasting after a fast nurtures gratitude to God for all his gifts.

"Fasting makes space for God by giving us freedom to set aside our habits for a brief time.  Fasting lightens the load by yoking us with Christ in new and unexpected ways.  Fasting calls us to pray, enables us to pray and gives power to our prayers in ways we cannot completely understand.  Fasting engages us experientially in the mystery of God's love and power.  In our day we need fasting more than ever."
--Lynne Baab, "Fasting"

This month, all month long, we are talking about fasting.  We are encouraging everyone to try it.  Even if it's only one meal.  One day of "tweeting."  One week without chocolate. 

The good news?!  April is the month of celebration!  We will be celebrating the sacrifices made.  We will be celebrating the gifts in our lives, the people in our lives, the ways the God moves in our every day life!

So there's light at the end of the tunnel...  Get started!  What will you fast this week?

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