Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spiritual Poverty

"Material poverty is one thing, and spiritual poverty is another.  Fasting provides the space and freedom to pray fervently for the spiritual needs of others.  Fasting helps us pray that people close to us and people far away would find truth, peace and joy in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"Our world is broken, and we long for the coming of the One who will restore all things and make all things new.  We fast to express our longing for the completion and wholeness that Jesus will bring when he returns.  We fast to mourn the incomplete and unfulfilled world we live in now.  We fast to pray for healing in our broken world, to ask God to bring wholeness, health, life and peace."
--Lynne Baab, "Fasting"

Fasting isn't just about ourselves...  It's about spending time with God to, also, pray for others.  Sometimes we get so caught up in thinking that our spirituality is only about Me.  But, God invites us to pray for those around us as well.  When our heart is breaking for a friend or a loved one...  When there is a group of people suffering and enduring hardships...  When we feel the need to help and don't know how...  We can fast - and pray.  We can ask for God's guidance and showing us how to help, how to listen, and how to care for those in pain.

The next time your heart is breaking for someone else, consider a fast.  Pray that God shows you how to be God's love to that person or people.

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