Monday, March 22, 2010

For a Spiritual Purpose

"The impact of fasting comes from the unexpectedness of doing something different.  During a fast, when we catch ourselves moving toward that habitual food or source of entertainment, we remind ourselves that God is more precious to us than anything else.  We are reminded to pray.  The unexpectedness of our temporary choices during a fast jolts us, surprises us and wakes us up...

"...Christian fasting is for a spiritual purpose only.  The goal is to draw near to God in prayer.  Motives matter in just about everything we do, but in fasting our motives and purposes are absolutely vital.  When a fast slides towards the goal of losing weight or manipulating God into doing what we want because of our great exercise of discipline, we have lost the heart of Christian fasting."
--Lynne Baab, "Fasting"

Don't forget to take time for God when you fast!  I'm hearing lots of great stories about people giving something up...  But I'm not hearing the "God part"!  Where is God fitting in?

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