Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday at SPUMC - Mar. 28, 2010

Palm Sunday!!!  The palm branches were waving, the kids were marching with noisemakers, a feast was to be had!  A good day for a parade... 

We started off the day with Education Hour:
* The children learned about Jesus and his disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane - and about what it means to let God be in charge.
* The confirmands talked about the unexpectedness of Palm Sunday and the forgiveness found in Jesus' last 7 statements before he died.
*  Tom and Mari's group talked about the Christian Writer and Thinker, Karen Armstrong.
*  And the Wired Word talked about the sexual abuse scandal within the Catholic Church - acknowledging that this is not specific to only the Catholic Church.  They asked the question of when does silence become sinful?  And to what degree do you protect an institution such as the church, before protecting the people it serves?

Worship was full of fun and surprises!  Palm branches waved.  Mark had the children parade around the church - palm branches waving and noisemakers sounding!  Pastor Penny's sermon focused on the donkey in the story...  What would the donkey owner have thought when these disciples came to take it?  What purpose was behind riding in on a small donkey - one who had never been ridden - instead of in a mighty chariot?  In what ways do our choices reflect bringing Jesus to others in a humble way?  What is the "donkey" we use to carry Jesus to our world?  A totally new way to think on Palm Sunday...

Fellowship time was loud and festive - with a feast set out for all!  A wonderful kick-off to Holy Week!

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