Sunday, November 1, 2009


Greetings Members and Friends of St. Paul's United Methodist Church!

This is a new blog - written to inspire thoughts, experiences, discussions, and exploration into our lives of faith. We want to encourage each other to think about our Spiritual Habits in new ways - ways that we can live out in our daily lives, ways that connect us to God, ways that connect us to each other, and ways that connect us to the world! A life of faith is one that is meant to be joyful, engaging, compassionate, energetic, and ALIVE! And so... We begin this new journey together - a journey that will, hopefully, help us move into a more passionate way of living our faith OUT LOUD!

The month of November will be centered around the spiritual practice of Generous Giving - so I invite you today to share one thing you have given away in the last week... Was it a smile? a lending hand? a cookie? a donation?
Since this is meant to be a place to share our experiences - I encourage you to sign on, and leave comments! We learn most from our peers when we are able to share our lives with one another...

So where did you give this week?

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  1. I gave up my spot in the grocery line to someone who only had a few items.

  2. I gave a hug to a friend who needed it.

  3. I gave room and board to my inlaws as they transitioned from living in Florida to living in a Minnesota retirement community.

  4. I helped stack bags at Feed My Starving Children with 16 other people from St. Paul's! Loved it.