Thursday, November 12, 2009


"First, calculate whether you have enough money for all your needs today. If you do, stop focusing on lack this minute. You probably have all the money you need to take care of today's needs and more. It doesn't matter how much more. Anytime you have more than you need, you have abundance. Catch yourself the next time you start dwelling on what you don't have; switch tracks by noticing and appreciating all you do have. As this becomes a personal habit, you'll find yourself coping well with any amount of money you have, rather than worrying about it.

"Worry is a future-tense emotion. Worry is a projection of a possible - not necessarily probable - scenario. Will there be enough? Where will it come from? How long will it last?

"Transforming every 'What will I do?' into 'What can I do?' fuels your fiscal creativity, restoring a sense of peace as you pursue prosperity."
--Sarah Ban Breathnach, from "Simple Abundance"

What CAN you do today?

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