Friday, November 6, 2009

Thoughts on Saving - Food

As I've been rethinking our giving... and how much we have to give... I've also been thinking about all the money we spend that is wasteful - and it's a lot!

So, I'm considering some ways of saving money - Like John Wesley said, Gain all that you can, save all that you can, and give all that you can - right?

Here's a few ways to save on on food purchases:

* Plan menus - fewer trips to the store, planned purchases, strategic use of leftovers!
* Know the prices - use coupons, take a calculator (to compare quantity to price), watch for mistakes at the cashier, don't fall for 5 for $5 schemes if you only need one!
* Pack the pantry with staples when they are on sale - try canning or freezing! (Just don't buy more than you'll use... Don't let things go to waste!)
* Eat less meat (you don't need it everyday) or use recipes that stretch meat (like sloppy joe's or meatloaf).
* Junk the junk food. Eat healthier snacks like fruit or nuts, go for a walk when you feel the need for empty calories!
* Make homemade bread! Make up your mixes ahead of time, store the dry mix, and make the bread when you want it... Not only does it save time and money - but your house will smell wonderful!
* Drink more water! It's better for you and cheaper than sodas and sugary juices. If you worry about tap water, simply buy a filter... It's much cheaper and more environmentally sound than bottled water! (Also, make your own coffee and tea - it can cost pennies compared to stopping at a coffee shop!)
* Eat at home. Most of the time when we go out to dinner, it's because the "cook" of the family doesn't feel like cooking. Dinner out can easily cost 6-7 times what it would cost to make at home! So, take turns cooking so one person doesn't get burnt out or lazy! Make it a family affair and it's the perfect opportunity for conversation and fun!
* Dining out - drinks and tips quickly add to the bill. Order from the carry-out menu for cheaper prices and eat it in the comfort of home, or take it for a picnic! Instead of delivery, pick it up - you save the delivery charge and the tip. When you do go out, split a meal or take home the leftovers for a second meal (portions these days are easily large enough to do this!).
* Make homemade recipes and freeze them for easy dinners (like pizza or spaghetti).
* Use re-usable grocery bags! It saves about 10 cents per bag and it's environmentally responsible!

What are your money-saving strategies when it comes to food?


  1. Kick the children out of the house! (haha.. just kidding) I'm not very good in this area. I'm trying to be better about making ahead, freezing lunch-size portions, etc. Maybe this weekend I'll make home-made bread! Haven't made it in years.

  2. In the beginning of this school year I decided to pack my lunch... I have only taken "hot" lunch 2 times and have gone to Subway two I am doing pretty good...I can pack a lunch for about $1.25 a day vs hot lunch for $3

    My next thing will be to stop getting a LARGE Diet Coke from McDonalds every morning!