Monday, November 2, 2009

Sermon Notes - Nov. 1st, 2009

"Sunday's sermon is prompted by the invitation in I Timothy 6:17-19 to live with "extravagant generosity." God has formed us so that our hearts are happiest when we are giving--just like God. All we have is gift from God, and we are created to live into God's image by also being great givers.

"I grew up thinking that probably God (and the church) needed my money. Now I understand more, and I understand that God does not need my money but that when the Bible encourages me to give, it's for my own good.

"Jesus taught that where our 'stuff' is tells a great deal about our lives. The best life is found in giving: back to God, to change the world; to others, to soften their rough edges; to friends, to help through rough times; or to family, to encourage love to grow.
"How and where can I best give? A smile? A cookie? A fixed computer? A joke? A ride? A clean toilet? Pick up a helping spirit and look for ways to help heal the world."
--Pastor Penny Zettler

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