Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Hands down, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It highlights the home and family. It is synonymous with stuff that can be found only at home - early morning fussing around in the kitchen, kids and grandkids, long distance phone calls, holding hands and praying before that special meal."
--Charles Swindoll

Today, as I awoke at 6:30am I grumbled a bit at the early hour... and then remembered WHY I was getting up so early! Today, Mike and I are walking at the Mall of America in the Walk to End Hunger! We're turning in over $900 that YOU helped us raise to serve those in our neighborhood who are without jobs, homes, food, and warm clothing. I love starting my Thanksgiving Day in this way - a way to count my blessings, give back, burn calories and spend time with friends. So much generosity and joy!

Then, we came back to the house, watched the Macy's parade, and continued a family tradition of making the centerpiece for the table while Mom cooks. My sister, dad, husband and I laughed, played, created, and laughed some more at this silly, but fun tradition, started many years ago (I'm pretty sure Mom started it as a way to keep us out of the kitchen while she prepared dinner!).
When the meal was prepared, we sat around the table with the feast and centerpiece before us. Dad shared his prayer that he had written just for today and we began to share what we were thankful for this year. Family, a warm home, food to eat, jobs, loved ones, laughter, joy - so much to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving - and may the many blessings in your life be a reminder of the One who provides them this Holiday Season!

What are the Thanksgiving traditions in your home?

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