Monday, November 29, 2010

Scrapbooking with $5

"The students I work with are unique individuals. They are special. There are 4 girls that are extra special to me. They are all hard workers, they don't slack off and they are kind people. Oh and they are all seniors. All of these girls come from backgrounds that are not "traditional."  By that I mean they all have been diagnosed with a special education label...LD, EBD, TBI etc etc... Most come from one parent households and one of those is single dad...

Awhile ago I read a blog about scrapbooking the 25 days in December before Christmas. A friend and fellow blogger, Jill Kane, has been doing this for a few years. I took a great interest in this and went out and bought some stuff to do something similar.

The night of the day I bought the supplies I was having a hard time sleeping. During my praying time I again asked for guidance for "Living A Better Story." Again nothing came to mind... I was getting a bit frustrated... So I fell asleep and about 2 am...I awoke from a dream and said "that's it!" The dream was about scrap-booking with my senior girls...I know this is an important and exciting time in their lives..all have worked hard and deserve to have some concrete memories.

So.. the part I am still working on is organizing and then presenting the ideas to the girls. It will either be a super easy sell or they will think I am nuts! But either way I am really excited about this...

I am needing to get supplies and develop their pictures on an ongoing basis. The $5 will be a good start...but I am hoping to get some donations of scrapbook supplies, cameras, etc...if you have any of the fore mentioned and would like to help me out..I would so appreciate it!"

Beth J.

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