Wednesday, November 17, 2010

God's Money Story

I was watching the morning news while getting dressed for work and they had a story about “Be a Santa to a Senior.” Seniors are the forgotten population during the holidays...especially those in senior citizen housing. When asked what they would like for Christmas, they often say simple things like paper and pencils. “Hmmm....I could afford that with God’s money.” Santa delivers the gifts to the seniors and their faces light up exactly like little kids’ faces when he arrives. Then the reporter talked about how when the Santa came back for the 2nd year to visit “Mary” – he saw that the only thing on Mary’s bulletin board was the Christmas card they gave her last year and the only thing she had received all year long was the gift they brought her last year.

So, my daughter and I found the location of one of the gift trees and used my $5 to buy stamps for a senior. Also on her gift request were an assortment of birthday and get well cards. My daughter purchased those. And then we picked out another gift tag for a scarf and candy.

Hope that God’s money puts a smile on their faces this holiday.

Diane P.

Thanks, Diane!  What a simple and easy thing to do to make a big difference in a person's life!

Keep those stories coming!

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