Monday, November 22, 2010

Family Giving

I was a guest at your Sunday church service when the idea of "Living A Better Story" experience was presented.  Because I was not a member of the church, it was with hesitation I accepted the blue envelope.  I considered quietly laying the envelope down on the pew as I left the sanctuary.  I am happy I didn't.  After reading the words that accompanied the $5.00, it was clear to me that it did not matter that I was not a member.  God was asking me to slow down, take a moment, and take a look. 

What I saw were many homeless people waiting to get out of a chilly evening and into a warm building called the "Listening House".  Listening House is a day and evening shelter that serves a diverse population of single men and women.  It's original mission stated "Don't preach, don't fix, just listen."  And since it's founding in 1983, Listening House has be dubbed "the living room for the homeless."  The volunteers there spend a lot of time just listening to the homeless making the people feel valued and accepted.  Listening House offers services from hygiene care, a sock exchange program to mailing address and telephone contacts for potential landlords and employers.  The staff of Listening House manages 36 voice mail boxes which provides a way to receive messages without having to disclose the status of being homeless. 

This is where your $5.00 took me.  I called and spoke with Julie.  I asked what my family and I could donate.  Their list was very modest...chapstick, cold medication, socks, and gloves.  With your $5.00 and our family contribution, we filled a Target cart and were able to deliver several bags for the men and women who find comfort at the Listening house.  We left with smiles on our faces remembering what Christmas is all about.  Thank You for reminding us.  Thank You for letting us be a part of "Living A Better Story" experience.  
Nancy J. and Family 

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  1. I'm so glad you visited on that important day! And that you participated instead of leaving the envelope behind. Thanks for spreading the love!