Sunday, November 28, 2010

Multiplying our Riches

"Dear Megan,

I'm writing to connect on 'Living a Better Story.'  I felt God telling (leading) me to use the $5 towards something to benefit those with certain health conditions (partly because of my recent health scare). 

Also, I was so touched by our young Maggi W. - giving up her hair for 'Locks of Love' - it touched me so (all the more with my long thick hair).

To get to the point -
In spring of 2009, I gave many of my hats to a friend from our former church, going through chemo - for breast cancer.  Mary shared later that Regions Hospital has hats available for the taking for those that need them.

I connected with Regions Cancer Care Center and I was told of a group - Chrysalisides - 30 people that provide cloth hats (sew, deliver, etc) to 20 different sites: 4 within Regions, United Hospital, Children's Hospital, and a site in Hastings.  They do hats for women, children, and men; cancer patients, neurological and epilepsy patients, people with hair loss, and brain trauma and surgery patients.

I just love hats and felt the blessing of being cleared of any cancer possibility and that it could be used in the broader community. 

The woman in charge of Chrysalisides will be writing me with the receipt to let me know how many hats I provided - when they buy their materials. 

I added to the $5 - even so, usually 1 yard of material can make up to 6 hats - so it goes pretty far!

It was a wonderful experience. 

We already donate to many charitable organizations.  I felt this was something personal and because of prayerful thought, felt led to do so.  I hope many others are blessed and felt it was a good experience.  Thank you for bringing the idea to us - and again, what a wonderful way of doing something to multiply our richness in a wonderful God!"

Diane H.

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