Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hat Money

I received God’s Money in church ($5) and wondered where inspiration would lead me. Shortly after receiving God’s Money I heard about a group called Hats for the Homeless. It’s a group in Minnesota collecting hand-knit hats. The hats are distributed to homeless people, but not just randomly. The people get to look over all the hats and pick out the hat that they want! I like that personal touch.

A couple weeks later a co-worker asked me to do a little sewing project for her. She is going to pay me. I plan to put my sewing income with the $5 and buy some yarn. I’ll be able to make two or three hats and get them to the Hats for Homeless program before their due date. I’m glad I can help keep some ears warm in this cold state of Minnesota!

Carol E.

What a creative use for the $5!

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