Saturday, November 13, 2010

Living a Better Story!!!

Here's our first story to roll in...  and I've been hearing rumors of more!  Send them in so we can share with one another!

Hi Megan.

 I received $5 of God's Money. For many years, I have sent $10 to the Union Gospel Mission at Easter,Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year I got the Thanksgiving envelope in the mail and "lost" it, either through distraction or apathy! I feel strongly about the homeless situation since I was in a very similar situation many years ago and understand that homelessness does not necessarily mean laziness. The fact that I "lost" the envelope bothered me but I did nothing about it. Then at church last week I received God's Money and it was a no-brainer. I received another envolope and sent a check for $10 so that 5 homeless people can have a good dinner. This giving business was catching so I plan to give the actual $5 of God's Money to my hairdresser who is raising a son on her own as an extra "tip". Thank you for suggesting this great idea. It has got me in the giving spirit again.

Elaine D.  (permanent visitor)

Thanks, Elaine!  What wonderful ideas and ways to spread a little holiday cheer!

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