Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday at SPUMC - May 2nd, 2010

Today was a lovely day at St. Paul's UMC! 

The Education Hour got kicked off with:
* The Children talking about the ways that Jesus changes their lives - and they were encouraged to find something in their lives to change to become better disciples...  A good question for all of us!
* The Confirmands and Adults met in the Fellowship Hall to listen to Cathy D. share her life and faith story.  And what a wonderful job she did!  You just never know what people have been through and the ways their faith has been rocked, until you ask, and they share.  Thanks, Cathy, for doing such a great job!

In worship, we began our month of focusing on "Guidance."  Pastor Penny shared her story of how she came to be in ministry - and all the ways that God led her to this point.  All the big and little ways that God spoke to her, and guided her - through closed doors and open doors, through the words of friends, and through the "coincidences" that would make new things possible.

We've all had promptings and nudgings like this...  It's simply up to us to pay attention to those signs...

Take a moment this week - where are you feeling guided?

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